A Small Gesture – 2

Published July 24, 2012 by gigiwellness28

Have you ever heard of something similar to “The Drive Thru Difference”?

The concept is simple… when buying a meal at a drive thru, ask the attendant if you can also pay for the person behind you.  When that person picks up their meal, they’ll find out it’s free, courtesy of a postcard note from someone friendly:


You don’t know me but I’ve just paid for your order.  No gimmicks – it’s just something I felt like doing.  I heard about people doing things for others, they call it “the drive thru difference.”  Maybe you’ll feel like doing it for someone else!

I hope this encourages you today!


The friend in front of you

One of our Pastors told us once that, from time to time, he would pay for another table when he’s in a Cafe, that’s the similar idea.

At time when people are doing it tough and stressed out with daily life, the “Drive Thru Difference” might just be the lift that makes someone’s day!

Let’s learn to bless others when we’re being blessed by God 🙂


Please share your views with me! Have a glorious day & God bless :-)

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