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77 Floors of Stories

Published July 16, 2012 by gigiwellness28

After the old couple’s kids had all moved out and started their own families, the old couple had sold their house and moved to a modern apartment block.  Since they liked the view of the city, they had bought one of the top level’s apartments, which was on 77th floor.

It was a long weekend, the apartment block had massive black out so all lifts were not working; due to the long weekend, the building management needed a few days to find out the cause of the black out, therefore, most of the residents had gone to stay with family, friends or even checked in hotel.

The old couple had gone for a walk while the black out happened.  When they returned and found out the situation, they decided to take the stairs, as well as their next door neighbour, a young couple, who had just finished their weekly grocery shopping.

By the time they came to 5th floor, the young couple wanted to move quicker, so they said to the old couple, “You two take your time, we’ll go ahead first.”

The young couple rushed to 10th floor and felt the grocery bags are too heavy, so they decided to leave the bags on the staircase and collect them on the next day.

Since the weights had lifted, the young couple started to rush to 20th floor, but it was too much for the wife, so she started to blame the husband, “Exactly what had happened?  We should have gone to the hotel instead of climbing the stairs.  It’s all your fault!”

The husband was tired as well, so he became offensive and said, “How can you blame me?  You agreed to take the stairs.  I find you no longer take up your own responsibility but keep blaming on other people.  If you don’t change your attitude soon, it will become a burden for our future.”

The wife became angry and yelled, “What do you mean it will become a burden for our future?  Are you saying you want a devoice?”

They continued the argument while climbing the stairs; when they reached 40th floor, they both had less breath to argue.  The husband continued to climb the stairs and left the wife behind.  The wife was very upset and breathless, so she sat on the stairs to catch her breath.

The husband had finally reached 77th floor, when he tried to reach for his keys to open the door, he realised he had left his keys with his wife.  “What a bummer!”, he thought to himself, ” I have to wait for her!”.

The wife had reached 77th floor as well, when she saw her husband was waiting in front of their home, she pretended to forget about the argument and said, “Come on!  Open the door, even if you’re not tired, I am extremely tired.”

The husband said, “If the keys were not with you, I wouldn’t have waited for you.”

The wife searched her dress pockets and purse but she couldn’t locate the keys, “OMG!  We must have left the keys in one of the shopping bags and we’ve left them on 10th floor.”

Both of them looked at each other but none wanted to return to 10th floor.  They just slid down and sat on the floor.  A short while later, they heard footsteps and chatting from the old couple.  They had also reached 77th floor.

The old couple were shocked when they saw the young couple were sitting on the floor and looked so pale.  Once the young couple explained the situation, the old couple opened their door and invited the young couple in.

The old couple offered the young couple water to drink, food to eat and even let them stay overnight.  The young couple regained their energy very quickly.

The young woman became curious and asked the old couple, “Even after the long climb, you still don’t look tired.”  The young man joined in and said, “That’s right, we are very impressed.  What are your secrets to be so fit?”

The old man smiled and said, “It’s all her idea.  She said since we always chat while hiking, why didn’t we treat this as kind of hiking and chat about the blessing from God in our life?  So we decided to count one blessing per year per floor.”  His wife looked at him with deep feeling and said, “If it was not his good memory, I would have forgotten a lot of things.”

The old man said, “So I started to say, I always remember the first time I met you, you were the host of the party and we were beautiful.  To have the opportunity to meet with you, was God’s blessing to me on that year.

The old woman said,” Then I said, you were a bookworm and didn’t want to go to the party.  Later on I had difficulties in some subjects, you had helped me to improve a lot.  Your help was God’s blessing to me on that year.

Just like that, the old couple counted God’s blessings in their life and the memories kept flooding back.

When they reached 20th floor, they talked about their wedding;

30th floor, they talked about the birth of their three children;

40th floor, they talked about the old man’s promotion and salary increased while the old woman managed their finance diligently;

50th floor, they talked about the weddings of their three children;

60th floor, they talked about God’s healing power on their sicknesses;

70th floor, they talked about the birth of their lovely grandchildren.

When the old woman was talking about how God has led her husband to buy this apartment, they realised they had reached 77th floor.

Right before the old couple saw the young couple, the old man was going to say, “This year’s blessing is even though we are old, but we still have the strength to climb up these 77 floors during this black out.

After the young couple finished listening to the old couple’s recap, they became very embarrassed with how they behaved to each other.

The young woman says, “I know why we were so tired.  Not because we were physically tired, but because of our arguments.

The young man agrees and says to his wife, “We need to learn from them, now I want to count my blessing of the day – you have forgotten about the keys in the shopping bag.  If you did not leave them, we would not be able to hear such meaningful lesson.

* * *

No matter big or small, always count our blessings!

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