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Stamp Collection

Published July 11, 2012 by gigiwellness28

Anyone fancy with stamp collection these days?  How often do we use stamps these days?  I wonder if any of the readers would have never seen a real stamp, ever!?

My parents gave my sisters and I each a stamp collection album with few stamps when we reached about 8 years old.  They showed us the beauty of stamp collection, which I tried to introduce to my kids over the years, but social network has won their attentions :-(.

I had always wanted to complete my album, but I never did :-(.  Either because there were too many stamps to sort out or those pages I had reserved for certain countries went out of spaces so I needed to reorganise everything – I was (may be still am) overwhelmed.

I have to say I did enjoy the whole process:

  1. cut the stamps out from the envelopes;
  2. soaked the stamps in water;
  3. peeled the paper off the back of the stamps;
  4. set all wet stamps on thick towel to dry;
  5. sorted out the stamps’ arrangement;
  6. appreciated the collections.

I still have my first stamp collection album, plenty old stamps from different countries and those stamp collection albums that I bought for my kids, which have kept in a drawer for so many years.  Maybe after I am retired, I might get back to this hobby ;-).

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